Our Pilots

Nick Tallott - Pilot (Wanganui Base)
Nick started his training in 2006 with Ian Wakeling of Aviation Development in Wanganui. Over the next few years he spent time gaining hours and working as a part time loader driver with Hill Country Helicopters. In 2010 Nick started his Commercial Pilots Licence training with Helipro in Paraparaumu and completed his licence a year later. Shorty after that he started his Agricultural Rating with Geoff Kitto of Kitto Helicopters in Balcutha. Once completing that training he had a short stint flying a Robinson 44 in Central Otago before returning home to Wanganui. He then went on to do a year loader driving in Taihape with Hill Country Helicopters. Nick started flying full time for Hill Country Helicopters in 2014 under the supervision Bernard McQueen and Mark Tilyard. Nick is currently operating out of our Wanganui Base with approximately 1,000 hours logged.

Bernard McQueen - Pilot (Casual)
Bernard started fixed wing training in 1995 with the Wanganui Aero Club. He moved to helicopter training in 1998 starting out with Helipro in Palmerston North.

Bernard worked as a loader driver with Shoreline Helicopters in Napier, until he obtained his commercial pilot’s license in 2002 and completed his agricultural rating in 2003. Bernard came to Hill Country Helicopters Limited in 2004 after several years with Wanganui Aero Work in Taihape. He started our Taihape base, creating a strong client base before leaving in 2010 to work in Papua New Guniea with Heliniugini. Since this time Bernard has continued to work for Hill Country Helicopters Limited on a casual basis and comes to the Wanganui Base in 2015 on a fixed term contract. He currently has over 5,000 logged hours.